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Seven Tips for Safe New York Driving

With 2 million registered vehicles in New York City, and more than 10 million registered vehicles in the state, New York drivers have a lot of company on the road. To reduce their chance of being injured in an accident or racking up high insurance and repair bills, drivers should consider New York driving lessons or other proactive measures. Driving defensively is smart no matter where you live, but in …Read More

Tips for Driving a Stick Shift

Ask a young driver today if they can drive a stick, and you’re likely to get a puzzled look in response. Use of manual transmissions is down, and only about 10 percent of vehicles are equipped with stick shifts today. Learning to drive a stick has its benefits, however, and drivers taking New York driving lessons should seek out a program that includes instruction on how to drive a manual …Read More

Point Reduction Program Saves Motorists on Insurance Premiums

Let’s face it—not much is cheap in New York, but, surprisingly, car insurance premiums are quite affordable. Points on your driving record can drive premiums up, but the Four Point Reduction Program can help knock four (4) points off your driving record and about 10 percent off your premium. According to Forbes, New York has some of the most affordable car insurance in the country, coming in at No. 42 …Read More

Paying Off Traffic Tickets in New York

New York City hosts millions of visitors each year, and, unfortunately, some of them leave town with a traffic ticket as a parting gift. In a huge city with a sprawling bureaucracy, finding out what to do to resolve a New York traffic ticket can be a challenge, especially if you’re from far away and were only visiting for a few days. Not resolving the ticket can have some pretty …Read More

Must-Knows for Getting a NY Learner Permit

Just like going to prom, opening a bank account, or getting an afterschool job, obtaining a learner permit is an important rite of passage for high school students. Obtaining a learner permit allows you to take New York driving lessons, but this privilege comes with significant responsibility. Teens seeking a learner permit need to recognize the rules of the road and practice safe driving habits. Learner permits are interim driver’s …Read More